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Splitting or Cracking Posts (also known as Checking)

Splitting or Cracking Posts (also known as Checking)

Whilst we use the best sources of timber available to us, when constructing your garden gym, it is almost inevitable that cracking/splitting (known as checking) will occur weeks or months after installation. This can be especially prevalent during the hot summer months.

Splitting timber is a common concern for all!

  • We use several companies in the UK to supply timber and we have found that ALL of the timber used regardless of the source is susceptible to ‘splitting’ or ‘cracking’.
  • This is a problem that ALL timber suppliers face and all suppliers of play equipment and gazebos etc.

The information provided here is to give you an understanding of what to expect after you have our installation team install your gym.

What to expect after your outdoor gym is installed?

The following images show how the wood can crack/split usually during the summer months as the wood dries /adapts naturally to the outside environment.

cracking posts

  • In 99% of all cases the cracks, which may appear as defects, will NOT affect the structural integrity of your gym.
  • At times, as the weather heats up, the cracks can appear almost overnight and at first can be somewhat alarming.  But this is the nature of wood.  This is something that will most likely happen but it is not something to be alarmed about.
  • Because the cracks often run down the centre of the wood it can look like the bolts that attach the pull up bars to the posts are causing the wood to split.  This is NOT the case.

Further research

We also DON’T want you to just take our word for it.  So below are links to other website that discuss in detail ‘Checking’ (cracking/splitting) of wooden posts.

What can you do?

As the structural integrity is NOT affected the short answer is you don’t have to do anything. However from an aesthetic perspective this an area that we are currently investigating and will be updating this page over the coming weeks.

Taking care of your posts

Whilst the posts are pressure treated for outdoor use, we do as standard  recommend applying an oil based stain or weather resistant treatment to the timber posts on an annual basis as part of your general maintenance program (more of which is discussed as part of the installation process). The oil can be easily applied to penetrate into the cracks to help in the overall preservation of the timber.

100% Full refund prior to installation

If after reading this article you would like cancel your order prior to installation or delivery of DIY products then you will be entitled to a 100% refund.

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Ultra Thick Grip Pull Up Bar

Thick bar training with Xorbars Ultra Pull Up Bar.

Last summer we were repeatedly asked for a thick pull up bar. So this summer 2015, we have launched one.  It is the XORBAR ULTRA and it is 48mm in diameter.  It is only available as a 5ft length but can of course be used as a pull up bar or for parallel bars.

thick grip pull up bar

Why did our customer want such a thick bar?

Well a thicker bar does offer increased strength and of course weight load capacity.  This has only been tested to 150kg (that is to say – there is NO movement whatsoever at this weight) so we estimate that it would go to 250 plus.

But the real reason is THICK BAR TRAINING.  Thick bar training is a sure fire way to build tremendous strength.

“I am a big believer in using thick-handled barbells, dumbbells and apparatus such as pull up bars. The results are well worth the investment, as they will produce superior results in strength training.” Charles Poliquin, trainer of over 400 Olympic athletes.

If you are new to Charles Poliquin then just do a Google search and you will soon find out just how awesome and knowledgeable he is.

If you want to read a really great article about Thick Bar Training then check out

The best bit we liked in the article is the following conclusion: “It is not uncommon for even an experienced lifter to make significant muscle gains in just a few months by switching to thick bars.”

You can also check out this video of a similar sized bar to see how much effort is required just to grip the bar:

There is also a nice article here looking at THICK bar training v’s THIN bar training.

All in all, if you are considering a multi-outdoor pull up bar and parallel bar set up then adding an XORBAR ULTRA thick bar will give you another pull up workout to add to your program.

IMPORTANT: If you would like the THICK BAR with our packages (5ft and 6ft) then you can at NO EXTRA CHARGE.  Just place a comment in the order form at the checkout stage.


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Parallet Bars for Big Shoulders

parallet bars for big shoulders

So you want bigger shoulders!?  Adding parallet bars to your calisthenics workout is one sure fire way to increase your shoulder size and strength.

By positioning the parallets under a mid height pull up bar you can use the bar to support your legs which can also assist you in performing the shoulder handstand press.

Standard parallet exercises such as L-sits added to your ab program will strength your core in static positions.

Our Xorbar Parallet package can be bought as an add on to our other pull up bar packages or as an individual calisthenics exercise station in your garden.

Once you can do hand stand presses on these parallet bars…well then we would love to see your photos.

The Xorbars Team