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How to build dip bars or parallel bars

Parallel bars or dip bars are a pretty simple to install as the posts are much easier to handle. See pull up bar installation document for positioning and leveling pull up bar posts as the same principles apply…

1) Use a stringline to determine the position of your dip bars in what is essentially a rectangle.

2) Put your first dip bar post in at 700mm deep with 1200mm out of the ground.

3) Line up your second dip bar post 405mm apart and at the same height.

4) Now put the two remaining dip bar posts in at the other end at whatever distance your dip bars are.

5) It is easier to use a clamp to put the dip bar in position.  Mark the holes. Use approx a 4mm drill bit and MK10 Screws.

Take your time.

Below is a timelapse video which you can pause to see how we install these parallel bars / dip bars.

Have fun!

The Xorbars Team