Climbing Platform Perseus

All of our Handmade Adventure & Play platform names are derived from Greek Mythology as we believe that they open up a world of adventure for all the family. They are designed to combine all the benefits of our calisthenic gyms with the fun of both playing and Parkour (Jumping). We hand sand the posts and apply oil to the posts and decking after installation. All posts are concreted into the ground. Platform Perseus includes the platform, surrounding bars, 1 x ladder entrance and set of parallel bars. There is plenty of room for adults and children to play, jump off and create.  All products can be installed to fit any child or adult height.  Click to View Installation Zones

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The son of Zeus and Danaë, Perseus completed dangerous feats with his quick thinking and talents as a warrior. Most famous was his slaying of the Gorgon Medusa.

Our platforms are handmade using much thicker / stronger materials than standard play equipment. The wood is often double the thickness of regular play equipment.

The Package Contains:

  • 1 x Platform at any height.  Standard height is 1500m.
  • 1 x Platform Ladder Entrance.
  • All Bars Surrounding the Platform.
  • 1 x Set of 6.5ft Parallel Bars
  • 4 x 12ft Pressure Treated Posts* (Posts concreted approximately 2 to 3ft into the ground)
  • 1 x 8ft Pressure Treated Posts
  • 2 x 7ft Pressure Treated Posts
  • Installation within Selected Zone
  • Height of parallel Bars is 1.2 metres

A slide can be attached to this product.

*Includes Postsavers on all posts.

We also offer our 100% no quibble refund: Should you decide that you do not wish to continue with an order then we will refund 100% of your purchase prior to installation taking place.

Manufactured in the UK. 

Thank you for choosing Xorbars.


Our platforms are extremely solid and durable whilst also being carefully designed to blend in with your garden unlike many children’s products.  We hand sand the posts and apply oil to the posts and decking after installation. Our platforms are 1500mm of the ground so slides can be attached.

Xorbars are the first company in the UK to offer these type of platforms.  They offer so much more than standard everyday climbing frames. You can also self modify them once in place to make the lower part a den for the children.

We also pride ourselves on a higher level of quality, choosing thicker and more robust materials.

Designs can vary slightly from the images and graphics shown.

Do not compromise on the quality of outdoor pull up bars. Xorbars is designed and manufactured in the UK. Xorbars Ltd has £5m Public Liability cover. Our insurance covers installation for residential use and for use in schools and parks. All pull up bars are strength tested by an independent company.

Post Specification 

  • All of our gyms come with 12ft long pressure treated posts (3.6m) as standard (apart from smaller parallel bar posts etc)
  • All bars can be put up to maximum height of 9.5ft / 2.8metres.
  • Posts and bars can be put in at any height on the day of installation to suit users from 4ft tall to 7ft tall.
  • All equipment is suitable for adults and children.
  • Posts are placed 3ft* into the ground for greater stability.
  • We ALSO include Postsavers added to our treated posts free of charge.

Postsavers Used on All Posts

Postsavers fitted to treated wood provides the ultimate in post protection. They have been in use (in high volumes) for 24 years all over the world. They  are independently tested and proven to prevent both ground rot and inhibit termite attack.

Powder Coated Green Bars

  • Independent Weight Tested: 300kg
  • Bar Grip Size: 33.7mm Diameter (Ideal for 5 years to Adult)
  • Monkey Bar Grip Size:
    • Diameter of the Rungs are 33.7 mm
    • Diameter of the Sides are 48mm (Great for thick grip pull up’s)
  • Colour: Forest Green
  • Laser Cut End Plates with Rounded Corners for Safety and a Great Look.
  • Paint Finish: Powder Coated Weather Resistant
  • All Fixings Included: Galvanized Coach Screw & Washers

We have installed hundreds of Xorbars Gyms across the UK and have over 175 x 5 star reviews and we are doing our upmost to keep this level of service. Which is why our aim still remains the same for every gym installation:

‘ We aim to make the purchase and installation of your new gym as exciting and straightforward as possible’

Installation Overview

  • Estimated Installation Time:
    • <5 posts = 1 day. 
    • 6+ posts = 2 days
    • 10+ posts =3 days
  • Standard Height of Bars: 2.4m
  • Maximum Height of Standard Bars: 2.8 metres / 9.5ft from the ground
  • Maximum Height of Olympic Post Bars: 3.7m / 12ft from the ground
  • Surface: Grass, Chippings, Shingle, Soil and AstroTurf*

*We can install up to 3 posts on Astroturf.  For more posts we recommend recommend rolling back the AstroTurf and having the supplier refit.  This gives a much nice finish. 

Step 1: Site Survey & Installation Date

After you have purchased the product you will recieve and automated email requesting the completion of our pre- installation online survey.  As part of this process you can choose your ideal installation date, please note however that due to your location we may ask if you can change the date but we will always do our best to accommodate your request. You can view this form by CLICKING HERE

Step 2: Your Dedicated Project Manager

Your project manager will confirm the installation time and date and be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Step 3: The Installation Day 

Once it is all booked in then its over to the installer who will text you on the day of installation with updates regarding arrival time.

Step 4: See the Team in Action

Below is a time lapse video of some small flying monkey bars.  Just to give you a feel for how we do things, how tidy we are and how strong the bars are.