Gorilla Bar Upgrade


IMPORTANT:  This is the extra cost to upgrade existing monkey bars to Gorilla Bars.

You can now upgrade ANY of our packages that use a SINGLE Monkey bar  to our new Gorilla BarsEXAMPLE: Let’s say you would like a Warrior Gym but would like to upgrade to the Gorilla bars, then simple select the Warrior Gym add that to your basket and then and also add this upgrade to your basket.

This has just been independently analysed and signed off to meet the standards under EN16630 (Outdoor Gym Equipment)



Unlike our monkey bars, the spacing allows adults to do FULL PULL UP’s on each bar but rest assured, any child over 8 years+ can usually use them with no problem.

  • The Width: You can choose either to have 3.5ft bars or 5ft bars for the width.
  • Rung Spacing: As standard the bars are set to 535mm apart. So adults can do full wide grip pull ups on each bar.
  • Wooden Version: This is a softer look aand allows for the bars to be set at staggard heights.
  • Metal variation: Powder coated green to match the bars.  Spacing is set as standard.

They also come with a bar underneath as standard for back rows, press ups, triceps dips and children to roll over.  The optional ladder bars are for children to climb up.

Adding Squat Rack: This system (using the 3.5ft bars) is one of the best ways to add a squat rack  as it allows you to ypuse a standard Olympic Bar. Click here for Squat Rack J-HOOKS.

We have installed hundreds of Xorbars Gyms across the UK and have over 200 x 5 star reviews and we are doing our upmost to keep this level of service. Which is why our aim still remains the same for every gym installation:

‘ We aim to make the purchase and installation of your new gym as exciting and straightforward as possible’

Installation Overview

  • Estimated Installation Time:
    • <5 posts = 1 day. 
    • 6 to 10 posts = 1 to 2 days
    • 10+posts = 2 to 3 days
  • Standard Height of Bars: 2.4m
  • Maximum Height of Standard Bars: 2.8 metres / 9.5ft from the ground (This can vary depending on post availability at this time) 
  • Maximum Height of Olympic Post Bars: 3.7m / 12ft from the ground
  • Surface: Grass, Chippings, Shingle, Soil and AstroTurf*

*We can install up to 3 posts on Astroturf.  For more posts we recommend recommend rolling back the AstroTurf and having the supplier refit.  This gives a much nice finish. 

Step 1: Site Survey & Installation Date

After you have purchased the product you will recieve and automated email requesting the completion of our pre- installation online survey.  As part of this process you can choose your ideal installation date, please note however that due to your location we may ask if you can change the date but we will always do our best to accommodate your request. You can view this form by CLICKING HERE

Step 2: Your Dedicated Project Manager

Your project manager will confirm the installation time and date and be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Step 3: The Installation Day 

Once it is all booked in then its over to the installer who will text you on the day of installation with updates regarding arrival time.

Step 4: See the Team in Action

Below is a time lapse video of some small flying monkey bars.  Just to give you a feel for how we do things, how tidy we are and how strong the bars are.